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The deal begins with the 2014-15 season and runs through the 2021-22 campaign, and has an average annual value of $9.5 million. And yes that is more than Sidney Crosby makes in a year! But Malkin has earned every penny of it. Just some of his accomplishments are 2x Art Ross Trophy winner (‘09, ’12) He has also won the Hart Trophy (2012), Ted Lindsay Award (2012) and Calder Trophy (2007). A three-time 100-point producer and a four-time 30-plus goal scorer, Malkin has been named team MVP on three occasions (’08, ’09, ’12); earned a spot on the NHL’s First-Team All-Star squad three times (’08, ’09, ’12); and has been named to four NHL All-Star Games (’08, ’09, ’11, ’12). That’s very impressive for someone who is only 26 years old and is just now peaking.

Malkin is a Pittsburgh guy, and I am very happy he is going to stay here. He is hard working, gritty, and gets the job done without complaining or stopping. He is extremely resilient and never quits, and in a blue collar town like Pittsburgh he gets the respect he deserves. Malkin loves the city, the owners, the team, and playing side by side with Sidney Crosby. I know Malkin belongs in the Penguins organization and I am glad to see he will be here for a long time. “The last few days we were hard at work on my contract,” Malkin said. “And today I know I’m staying because we signed the contract. I thank my agent and I thank the whole organization. They really want me to stay here. I’m so happy.” He also went on to say, “I like this city. It’s good for hockey. I like the fans. I have a house here and all of my friends here. But it’s good for me. I like the team here. It’s a good team. I hope we win the Stanley Cup.”

With Malkin and Crosby now sealed in for many years to come, the next step is to try and get deals done with Dupuis and Letang. A deal with Letang is the elephant in the room right now in Pittsburgh. With his contract up and the cap hit from Geno’s contract, there isn’t much money left to sign a big contract. Many (including me) fear the pens will lose their coveted defenseman.  And with defense seeming to be one of a few holes in the Penguins game it would be a rough time replacing him. 

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