On Tuesday, commissioner Gary Bettman and the NHL made its most recent offer to the NHLPA in the CBA negotiations. In the offer, the owners and the players will split revenue 50/50, the players will face no salary rollbacks, and the league will be able to play a full regular season schedule, with each team playing 82 games (starting on November 2nd). Also, the CBA will last for six years. Sounds fair, right?

Of course it sounds fair, but it doesn't mean the NHLPA is going to accept the NHL's offer right away. In order for the season to start on November 2nd, they need to reach an agreement by October 26th, according to NHL Insider Bob McKenzie on Twitter. This gives the two sides a little over a week to agree on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

Donald Fehr, the head of the NHLPA, would not be good at his job if he accepted this offer right away. With over a week until the current deadline, Fehr will try to get as much as he can negotiation-wise for the players in this current proposal. If the two sides agree on a deal before the new October 26th deadline (and I think they will), it will most likely happen within 24 hours of the deadline. 

It is becoming more clear by the day that the end of the lockout is near, as this proposal has made huge progress in the negotiations, considering how slow the negotiations have been up to this point. Both sides want to play a full regular season schedule, and this is their last chance to make that happen. Hurry up NHL and NHLPA. The clock is ticking. 

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