The New York Islanders defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-4 tonight in Game 4, tying the series at two wins apiece. This was a disappointing loss for Pittsburgh, as the eighth seeded Islanders continued to frustrate the top seeded team in the Eastern Conference. Perhaps the Penguins' biggest frustration comes within their own net. Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury has been nothing short of awful in this series. Fleury's only sense of consistency has been his inconsistency; an aspect that can stop the Stanley Cup favorite Penguins from getting past the first round. 

After yet another disappointing loss, is it time to yank Fleury and start backup Tomas Vokoun in Game 5? If Pittsburgh wants to win, they have to go with Vokoun. They don't have a choice. Fleury has given his team no chance to win games. He hasn't made the big saves that he has to make, and he hasn't made the easy shots look easy. Fleury has not performed well in the playoffs since going to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2008, and winning the Stanley Cup in 2009. That's 4 years of inconstancy and disappointment. It's time for a change in Pittsburgh.

The Penguins have a capable backup in Tomas Vokoun, who went 13-4 and posted 3 shutouts in the regular season. He also posted a .919 save percentage and a 2.45 goals-against average - not bad statistics at all. Vokoun, a veteran in the NHL, is only a backup goalie by title. He is still very capable of starting in the NHL, and his numbers show it. 

It would be a monumental mistake for Penguins coach Dan Bylsma to go with Marc-Andre Fleury in Game 5. Either way, his decision is going to be a major topic of conversation in the coming day.

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