For my first product review, I will be taking a look at the brand new TRON 100K stick. To get an understanding of how well the stick works, I used a TRON 100K during a practice and a game for my hockey team.

The pricing of TRON 100K stick is unprecedentedly low, as it is being sold for $150 on thehockeydepot.com. In comparison, a Bauer Supreme TotalOne stick is usually sold at around $220. The quality of both sticks are about the same, but the price difference puts the TRON 100K over the top. Now, I will tell you about my experience with the TRON 100K.

When I first received the stick in the mail, I noticed a few things about the stick. The first is that its appearance is very simple. There is nothing flashy about the way the stick looks, which can be a positive or a negative, depending on who is using the stick. The second thing that I noticed was that the stick has a very unique grip. The texture of the grip is soft, which makes the stick easier to hold on to. The third thing that I noticed upon first receiving the stick, was that it's very light. I use a Bauer TotalOne stick, which is a very light stick. When I compared the weight of the two sticks, the TRON 100K was slightly lighter than the TotalOne. That is important because heavier sticks can slow a player down.

It was time to see what this stick could really do, so I brought it to my hockey practice. When I took my first shots with the TRON 100K, my shot was noticeably harder than when I was using the Bauer TotalOne. I used the same 85 flex on both sticks, so it wasn't a matter of how much flex I was using. Trying to make and catch passes, as well as stick-handling, was a difficult adjustment at first, but as time went on, my ability to make passes, catch passes, and stick-handle while using the TRON 100K improved to a level just under the TotalOne. Overall, my ability to take shots improved, and my ability to make passes, catch passes, and stick-handle decreased slightly, however, I think it will continue to improve over time.

The stick was a success in my game though, as I scored a goal in my first game using this stick. During the game, I felt like I had an extra edge, something that put me over everyone else. That extra edge that I had was the TRON 100K. It's pretty safe to say that I will be using the TRON 100K over my Bauer TotalOne from now on.

For more information on the TRON 100K, click on this link.  

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