Now that the NHL is back, so is our Player of the Week feature, where we pick the best player each week. For the first week of the 2012-13 NHL season, the Player of the Week is San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau. This shouldn't surprise anyone, as Marleau has been on a level above everyone else this week- seriously, he's been that good. In his first five games, Marleau has nine goals, and four assists, giving him a league-leading 13 points (tied with his teammate Joe Thornton). Marleau is averaging 2.6 points a game, which are Gretzky-esque numbers. Now, Marleau obviously won't finish the season with statistics similar to Wayne Gretzky, but it's impressive that he's been able to keep this up for five games. To start off the season, Marleau put up four straight two goal games, three of them being consecutive three point games. In his fifth game, Marleau had another multi-point game (his fifth straight), as he had a goal and an assist. The Sharks are undefeated this season, with a  5-0 record, and Marleau is the biggest reason for that. 

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