It was announced on Wednesday afternoon that the New York Islanders, who have been playing in Nassau Coliseum on Long Island since the team was established in 1972, will be moving to the newly opened Barclays Center (home of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets) in Brooklyn, starting in 2015. The team's name and uniforms will not change.

For years now, the Islanders had been trying to get a new arena in Uniondale, New York, where Nassau Coliseum is located, but to no avail. The Islanders relocating was inevitable. Fans on Long Island have been worried about their team moving far away, to cities like Kansas City or Quebec. Luckily for them, Brookyn is on only 29 miles from Uniondale. The Islanders' loyal fan base will still get to watch their team play, which is the best part of this move. 

The move to Brooklyn will also help the team's attendance rates, as going to an arena in New York City is much more convenient than going to an arena on Long Island. For years, the Islanders attendance rates have been near, or at the basement of the rankings. That should all change now that the Islanders are in Brooklyn. The Barclays Center is state-of-the-art. People all over the country want to go see it. It is a spectacle. That alone should also help the Islanders attendance rates tremendously.

While attendance rates are hugely important to the success of a franchise, so is the team's on ice performance. Teams in smaller markets, like Columbus, Phoenix, and even Long Island, have trouble drawing in top talent, as the locations of the teams are not ideal. Players would rather sign with a team in New York City, Boston, or Montreal than sign with a team on Long Island. Look at the New York Rangers. Over the past few off-seasons, they brought in elite players, like Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards, and Rick Nash. Now that the Islanders are in New York City, a big market, they will have a better opportunity at signing elite players than they did in Uniondale.

For the first time in a decade, Islanders fans finally have something to look forward to: the rebirth of the New York Islanders.

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