According to Mike Carver of WFAN, the Islanders have initiated trade talks for Sabres netminder Ryan Miller. Last season, Ryan Miller posted a .915 Save Percentage, a 2.81 Goals Against Average while winning 17 games in 34 games played. 

Personally, if I were Garth Snow, I would not make this deal. While Ryan Miller is a solid goaltender and an upgrade from current goaltender Nabokov (sorry Nabby, but I do like you better), I don't think Miller is worth his cap hit of over six million dollars per season. There are plenty of other goaltenders in the NHL of Miller's caliber that get paid much less (Halak, perhaps). 

However, if talks do continue with the Sabres for Miller, I believe there is a chance the Islanders could land popular forward Thomas Vanek. Vanek had an excellent season for the Sabres last year, scoring 20 times while earning 21 assists for a total of 41 points in just 38 games played. Vanek has said that he would be interested in a trade, so Garth Snow definitley should dig in to this.

Hey, I mean Miller is a solid NHL goaltender who can even be considered an elite goaltender. Landing him and Thomas Vanek, while expensive would be a major upgrade to the Islanders. 

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Gary Hef
6/27/2013 11:50:12 am

It would need to include Strome, Nino and #1....

Gloria Roberts
6/27/2013 12:03:04 pm

The Sabres could retain part of their salary. It would be a great move for the Islanders.

Peter McEntee
6/28/2013 12:24:30 am

We can't trade Strome. Nino we can move, a pick we can move as well. Give Kirill Petrov instead of Strome. That should be enough.

6/28/2013 12:54:53 pm

LOL. For a 33-year old goalie with 1 year left on his deal worth $6.25M, and a LW making over $7M? Yeah right. In your dreams.

6/27/2013 09:33:03 pm

Sabres could retain a large portion of the cap hit

timothy bookhagen
6/28/2013 04:15:21 am

i want matt moulson in the trade

6/28/2013 12:55:48 pm

Too bad. Can't have him. Nino Niederreiter, Calvin de Haan, the 15th pick, and either another prospect or pick for Miller and Vanek.

6/29/2013 05:21:34 am

Nothing outside of Tavares would make that trade plausible. Who writes this B*S?

6/29/2013 06:24:21 am

Yeah, go ahead and take our goaltender -- but, you CAN'T HAVE Thomas Vanek! This was his best season thus far, and he's an integral part of the Sabres' offense. They need him until Mikhail Grigorenko matures into a solid NHL player -- to trade Thomas in addition to Ryan would be a huge blow to the Sabres fans!

Gloria Roberts
6/29/2013 09:01:06 pm

Thomas Vanek does not want to stay through a rebuild. Better to get something for him than have him walk for nothing.


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