Big news on draft day (other than the draft itself), Islanders acquire Cal Clutterbuck in exchange for Nino Neidereitter. The 5'11" enforcer is, well, an enforcer, and is known to be really physical.
A LOT, and I mean a lot of Islanders fans are upset with this trade. Many people feel like Clutterbuck is not worth a talented prospect. In my opinion, it is a very good trade. Nino probably wasn't ever going to play for the Islanders again, after not making the team last year, requesting a trade, and literally crying. Nino is probably going to be a third or fourth line player, scoring less than twenty times a season. With Clutterbuck, you won't see dazzling moves, but you will see physical play on a regular basis as well as occasional scoring. Clutterbuck will fit in well with the Islanders fourth line, playing with the Islanders other enforcer Matt Martin as well as fan favorite Case Cizikas. This line will sure deliver a physical element that can run down teams, giving the Islanders top two lines a chance to score many goals. This deal, in contrast to popular belief, will work out well for the Islanders. 

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