Look at this picture. If you can remember this day, as an Islanders fan, you were filled with hope. You were excited that we were getting the best goaltender in the draft, a man who was promised to be a star. You were looking forward to what your team would be like in ten years, maybe even seeing your team win the cup.

You begin to see your goaltender rise to elite status. He becomes your favorite player on the team. You can't wait to watch him play.
Then, he gets injured. You're a bit upset, but you know it won't be long until he comes back. So, you favorite player comes back, and gets injured again. And again, and again. 

You get fed up with these injuries. The injuries affect your goaltender's play. He loses love from the fans. His reputation becomes a joke. Then, the General Manager gives your former hero a ridiculous 15 year contract worth 67.5 million dollars. You are mad. You want him off the team.

Years later, on July 1st, 2013, goaltending bust Rick DiPietro is bought out of his contract. A sad saga of what appeared to be a happy story is over.  You know this has to happen, but you are sad it is. DiPietro is, at this point, a waste of money. He has not played more than twenty games in a season since his first injury. 
However, there is hope. The Islanders have now shown they will look for a goaltender this offseason. You are optimistic that your favorite team can land an all star netminder. You know it will happen.  A rising team with a young goaltender means great things are coming. 

Don't worry Islanders fans. Yes, a sad chapter has been finished. But a happy one will begin shortly. 

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