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It's confirmed. The Vancouver Canucks finally announced the widely speculated on news that they did, in fact, hire John Tortorella as their new bench boss.

After listening to his initial press conference a few things stand out:
  • John Tortorella acknowledges the fact that he put some players in some very difficult situations (Richards, Hagelin)
  • His true intention is to form professional relationships with all constituents (including the media - as long as none of them are Larry Brooks)
  • He doesn't take losing well - "I hate losing. I do...I can't stand losing. If you're a good loser, you're a loser." 

This seems to be generally viewed as a poor fit. An egomaniac, loudmouth coach ordering around some less than enthusiastic veterans. I tend to stray from this view. We all know Torts is a hard-ass, but I think that's exactly what this team needs right now. They have become comfortable and need an overall change in both demeanor and philosophy. People forget about the amazing job Tortorella did coaching the Lightning to a Stanley Cup. Hate him if you want to, but this guy can flat out coach. Maybe there is a reason he spent just a few quick weeks on the open market.

A couple tips for the Canucks players before I go: dive less, whine less and get hit with the puck more. Also, don't lose.


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