Reports have surfaced out of Russia and have been confirmed by Sportsnet that Leo Komarov may be leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs to go and play in the KHL for Moscow Dynamo.

Before joining the Marlies, Toronto's AHL affiliate, Komarov played three seasons for Moscow Dynamo. The Leafs lured Komarov to North America with the promise of a real shot to make the big club, which he did by displaying a very unique skillset.

Komarov has hands of stone, an average shot, mediocre skating ability and stands at just 5'10 and 187 pounds. How is he so effective and sought after?

Well, for starters he had 176 hits in 42 regular season games. He added another 22 in 7 playoff games against the feisty Bruins. It's not just the hits though; he defines the term agitator. He gets under the skin of his opponents and he does a couple things consistently that seem to genuinely annoy the opposition's best players.

If you are carrying the puck after the whistle, he makes a valid effort to come over and take it from you, as if it's his puck. He refuses to engage with anybody after the whistle. He speaks multiple languages and intentionally speaks to players in languages they don`t understand. The combination of these little things in addition to finishing every possible bodycheck makes him infuriating to play against.

Every team is after players that can get under the skin of their opposition, and he will be sorely missed by the Leafs and their fanbase.

Photo courtesy of tvasports.ca


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