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With the implementation of the new collective bargaining agreement, NHL teams now have been granted the ability to 'buy-out' two contracts. The team can pay the money they owe the player, but here is the kicker: the salary is removed completely from their cap. General Managers get an eraser and capologists rejoice!

There are a couple of key indicators that one would look for when determining a possible buy-out candidate: your team is in a fiery cap hell (see Philly, Vancouver), your play is declining and you have a big cap hit, injury problems, long term, etc. Here are a couple players that fit the criteria:

PicturePhoto courtesy Sarah J. Glover
Ilya Bryzgalov: "Why you heff to be mad?"
"Well, Ilya, we signed you to a giant long term contract and then you got all obsessed with the universe and forgot how to stop the puck"

With a cap hit of $5.67M until 2020 the Flyers NEED to buy this guy out, the problem is they have no replacement right now. Look for them to be in the Jonathan Bernier sweepstakes. If they land him Bryz will be a free agent going into next season.

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Brad Richards is 33 years old today. Brad Richards makes $6.67M a year until 2020. Brad Richards was a healthy scratch in must win playoff games for the Rangers this season. $6.67M in the press box is killing this team.

Look for one of two things to happen: either Richards drastically improves his game without Torts' barking at him or his poor, uninspired play continues and he's bought out.

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Dany Heatley is an all-star. He scored 50 in '07. Sometimes I wonder how accurate the hilarious parody account @danyallstar15 actually is. With loads of talk about off-season speedboating in Aruba and bag skating 6 year olds at hockey camp for not feeding him in the high slot, my guess is very accurate.

He probably is the least likely of the three to be actually bought out because he has just one year left on his deal which will see him make $7.5M next season. Clearly on the decline and a shell of his former self he might be delivering clap-bombs with a new area code in the near future.


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