On Saturday night at 8, the Eastern Conference Finals kick off with game 1 between the Boston Bruins and Pittsburgh Penguins. The two teams faced off three times this past season, with Pittsburgh winning all three by one goal. Expect the closeness of these three games to carry over to this series.

This series features two incredibly similar teams: they can score, they play exceptional defense, they get solid goaltending, and they have depth. The Penguins boast a star-studded lineup, stacked with some of the best players in the NHL who consistently produce for the Pens. After replacing Marc-Andre Fleury as starting goalie, Tomas Vokoun has played well despite not being tested much. Their counterpart, the Bruins, possess a tough lineup that can frustrate teams with their ability to shut down their opponents and prevail in tight games. Netminder Tuukka Rask has helped keep his team in these games when it matters most.

The one main difference between them is their style of play. While the Pens rely on an overwhelming amount of skill and talent throughout their lineup, the Bruins emphasize aggressiveness and strength on the puck. Although Pittsburgh wins many of its games by blowout scores, the team has also proven it can win significant close games. Meanwhile, Boston thrives under pressure and wins a majority of its games by one or two goals.

Although the teams are too close to predict a winner, look for this series to go seven games. Expect an electrifying atmosphere and an exciting series overall.

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